About Us

Custom Built Tools - Theres Nothing Finer!

Custom Built Tools was created by a pipeline welder and fabricator who saw the lack of pipeline and fabrication specific tools. In the early days he would design and build custom tools and use them to make his job easier. When other welders working with him saw how easy it was to use the tools they wanted them too!

As the demand grew for his custom tools he kept expanding his ideas and opened Custom Built Tools to provide the best and finest tools available for professionals in need. At C.B.T. we understand the need for a quality built product at a fair price. All C.B.T. products are built in house by qualified employees and inspected to ensure the finest product available!

At C.B.T. we understand how demanding your job will be and what a welder expects from his tools. We build tools that are easy to use and are continuously researching, developing, and testing our tools not only in our facility but in the field. At Custom Built Tools we have always listened to our customers in designing custom tools for there specific needs! If you need a custom tool designed contact us we are happy to help!

Custom Built Tools
Edgewood, Texas
(903) 880-9000